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    CBC Georgia congratulates the winners of Creative Business Cup Georgia 2017:  First Prize - Wine Tea (Giorgi Bukia, Giorgi Natroshvili); Second Prize - Cognitive Toys (Tamaz Arunashvili, Mariam Amashukeli); Third Prize - Georgian Spices/Spy Recipe


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    10:00 | Academy | Tbilisi

    Creative Entrepreneurship Academy 2017: Designing Creative Ecosystems and Businesses

    Who are invited?

    If you are working to help creative entrepreneurs to realize their potential, this training course is for you. We invite policy-makers from the national, regional and local level, managers of creative hubs and clusters, representatives of cultural institutions and non-governmental organisations, creative industries development centers, incubators, creative entrepreneurs, businesses and investors. 

    What will you get?

    • Gain insight into creative sectors development in European countries and into cities role in developing regions;

    • Gain insight into how to manage creative processes and innovation and how design thinking can be used as a tool to find solutions to the key challenges that nations, regions, cities and organizations are facing;

    • Understand the importance of creative industries for innovation and growth and ways to create systems and methods to support the development of creative entrepreneurship;

    • Understand how other industries can benefit from working with creatives in innovation processes and how  to make these crossovers happen;

    • Learn about creative entrepreneurship and its specifics;

    • Understand the logic behind of getting your business started, importance of presenting your business  model and how to speak to investors.

    Who will speak?

    The lecturers will include globally acclaimed experts, including Ragnar Siil (Key Expert on Cultural and creative Sectors, EU-EaP Culture and Creativity programme), Jorma Sarv, (Head of the International Programme, Organising Committee of Estonia 100, Government Office of Estonia), Eva Leemet, (CEO, Creative Estonia), Yrjö Ojasaar (entrepreneur and investor, Startup Wise Guys).

    Dates: April 20-22, 2017

    Location: Georgia, Tbilisi, Rooms Hotel

    Language: English (Georgian Translation in also available)

    This international training course is free of charge but registration is needed. 

    You can register by clicking ATTEND at the top of this page.

    We would appreciate if you share the invitation with your colleagues who could also be interested in participating in CEA 2017!

    This international training course is free of charge but registration is needed. You can find registration form

    by clicking 

    We are looking forward to boosting your expertise!

    Contact for progamme:

    Gela Suli                                                        

    Creative Business Cup Georgia                       

    Phone: +995 595057495                                

    E-mai: [email protected]              


    Grete Kodi    

    Creativity Lab

    E-mail: [email protected]